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After the OP
Still groggy, but otherwise ok.

Just, they've found "something" which needs further examination by a specialized lab. 12 more days of waiting...

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Hope you feel better quickly.

Thank you. :-)

(And btw - i hope you'll write about GoT/ASoIaF once the new season starts next year/the new book on the shelves in ~2018 :-))

And it goes on! But, uh, glad that you're feeling ok post-op :)

Yes, i had really hoped that this would be the end of it (of the disease! not the end of me ;-)). Alas, more testing, more exams, ....

Alas! Well we're all rooting for you :)

Sorry to hear about the waiting! I hope you recover quickly.

Thank you. It is really uplifting to get so many well wishes. :-)

got you in my thoughts...

You're so sweet. :-)

(And i always think "Korea!" when i think of you!)

Glad you're feeling better! Get well soon!

Thank you a lot. Once i'm better i'm sure i'll be able to say something about all the paper stuff you're doing!

Argh. Here's hoping it turns out to be nothing.

I hope so, too! I do not intend to leave this sorry excuse of earth via intestinal cancer. But then, the risk seems to be minimal (or so i've understood the doctor). Two of my sisters-sisters-in-law are fighting the fight right now. :-(

Sorry to hear it isn't quite over. /o\ Hope whatever the something is turns out for the best.

Best of luck with the results, and hope you feel better soon!

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