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What happens in the world of norwie
So, I was absent from LJ for a year, more or less. Because I'm seriously ill. But, next Tuesday the doctors are trying to fix me by opening my body with sharp instruments and cutting away certain things.

While the painkillers mostly ruled my life for the last months I had some better moments and cached up on some pop culture and binge watched:

Orphan Black

Reccd to me by my (ex-)gf. I really like that show, albeit I always fear that they've run out of ideas and start in on the soapy. Will absolutely watch the next season.

The 100

Reccd to me by shadowcat67. Strange show - I always wait for it to become more explicit in the questions (and answers) it gives. To me, it seems there is "gold just around the corner". Alas, it did not truly deliver so far.

Game of Thrones

Reccd to me by my friend Pas and ShipperX. Absolutely fantastic! Bought the books. They are even better! Class war, gender war, character development - it has it all. I'm totally consumed by Ice and Fire thoughts! I recommend to binge watch this over a single weekend. 40 hours in one go makes for an absolutely stunning experience. Yeah, they could cut down on some of the more gracious nakedness and gore. On the other hand: Eros and Thanatos. I cannot wait for the next books to come out!

In concluding I hope to be well again come August/September. Or dead, depends on the doctors... (In that case you all have to finish the revolution without me.)

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I hope everything goes well with the doctors! So sorry to hear you've been ill.

I hope so, too! ;-)

And you, what's up with you girlfriend? Breaking up with your ladylove, moving to Korea?

Thank you a lot for your well wishes and i wish the same to you. :-)

Yeah, I guess it's been an eventful year...but such is life, if you want to keep moving forward. Like a shark ;-).

I'm so dreadfully sorry to hear about your health issues, and I really do hope they manage to make things easier for you after your OP.

Thank you for your kind words.

I often thought about you and your ongoing health problems these last months. Sisters-in-pain. :-(

It's great to hear from you again! And I hope you'll be making a full recovery soon!

Thank you so much. :) I hope to be back "for realz" late summer.

So sorry you've been ill. Hope everything goes well and you feel better soon. Glad you've been enjoying Game of Thrones. {{hugs}}

Great icon! :-)

(I alternate between wanting someone to cuddle Sansa and her becoming more ruthless than the combined court at KL...)

Re: GoT: Yes, I seriously need to reconsider my snobbism - when I first heard about the show I thought that was the Spike to my Buffy ("You're beneath me"). But now I'm reading all the stuff about GoT that you all have written those past two years (yours first, then BGF and now I'm onto Shapinglight's stuff) and I'm truly obsessed with it! (Although the first signs of over-identification are beginning to show already... beware! norwie, that way lies madness!)

Thank you for your good wishes. Right now I'm really looking forward to being cut open - because the situation right now is near unbearable.


I'm sorry that it turns out that the knife is the only option. (And also about the (ex-) in gf.) OTOH, I'm happy that you have discovered television! I feel like in this one narrow way, we lj folks are like Jenny to your Giles...welcome to the 21st century! :D (I say we as if I had something to do with it, lol. But you know, lj as a whole....) Also, my dig at "discovering television" is because we're all/I am jealous of your being so well read and knowledgey :)

I am halfway through s2 of Orphan Black, and I agree that they seem a little low on ideas...I like the show though. I am somewhere between liking and loving GoT. I have been meaning to read the books, but it just sort of gets away from me.

Fun fact: when RL friends decided to have a game of "what Game of Thrones character are you?", they decided I was like Varys because I "like knowledge." !!! So, you know, um, I *might* be more of a mastermind manipulator than people give me credit for.... (In annoyance I mentally pinged one of them as Tywin and that has mostly stuck in my head....)

Edited at 2014-07-10 05:31 pm (UTC)

Don't be sorry - I have never been sliced open up til now so it should make for an interesting experience. (just going for a bit of gallows humor here...;-)

And: Heehee, your Jenny/Giles dig is very funny. :) Sometimes I really feel like an old, grumpy, way-behind-the-times glass-wearer. (Although I do not nearly polish my glasses as much as Giles does...)

And well saved with your flattering compliments there, Lord Varys. ;)

As written above I really hope to be back to my old self (plus new scars) come mid-August. And then we can talk about orphan Black and GoT way more (also, you need to explain this "21st century" to me in more detail. WTF has become of the good old times?!).

All the best to you!


I think I would rather be Giles than Varys, honestly -- if Varys' manipulations turn out to be for the cause of fighting the giant zombie horde, then they will be closer to equivalent.

It's very good to hear from you at any rate....

I hope everything goes well with the doctors!

YES ASOIAF. My favorite series for political psychology, I think! If you're looking for meta to take your mind off of things while you recover, I recommend Race for the Iron Throne and The Meereenese Blot.

Thanks for the well wishes. :-)

And double thanks for the recs. I have already read "The Meereenese Blot" and I'll read your other rec right... now! :-D

(Deleted comment)
Thank you for your well wishes. :)

No need to be sorry about my reception of "The 100" - I agree with you that it is a fun setting, just a bit light despite the very heavy themes. Perhaps the new season will be better - we discussed the military angle before.

And, pray tell me what have you written on GoT? I cannot seem to find it on your LJ.

I'm so sorry to hear you're unwell. I truly hope for the best for your surgery.

\o/ for Orphan Black. And I've had to give up on GoT the show for trigger reasons, but I can co-sign books appreciation!

Thank you a lot. :)

I'm kinda looking forward to the surgery since life has become really shitty over the last months.

So, come the next season of Orphan Black we can hopefully geek out together over the show. :)

And, I hear you about the triggers in GoT (the show). It is quite hard to watch sometimes - extremely deliberate use of (sexualized/stylized) violence even in places where it is not necessary IMO.

I'm so sorry to hear that you've been ill. It's really good to hear from you again, and I hope the surgery goes well!

Thank you for your kind words. In 2 hours the OP is due, i will post how it went. :)

So sorry to hear about your health troubles. I really hope surgery works out for the best.

And I hear you on both OB and GoT.

Thank you! :)

We'll talk about those shows in the future - hopefully we'll have nice things to say.

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