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70 years ago the friends of my grandparents lost -  and the grandparents of my friends won. I cannot choose my family - but i can choose my friends.

"History knows no greater display of courage than that shown by the people of Soviet Russia." Henry L Stimson, Secretary of War, USA

"We and our allies owe and acknowledge an everlasting debt of gratitude to the armies and people of the Soviet Union." Frank Knox, Secretary of the Navy, USA

"The gallantry and aggressive fighting spirit of the Russian soldiers command then American army's admiration." George C. Marshall, Chief of Staff, US Army

"I join ... in admiration for the Soviet Union's heroic and historic defense." Ernest J. King, Commander in Chief United States Fleet

"...the scale and grandeur of the Russian effort mark it as the greatest military achievement in all history." Douglas MacArthur, Commander in Chief Southwest Pacific Area, USA

"By far the largest and most important developments in the whole world-wide strategic picture of 1942 were the events of the long fronts in Russia: first, the implacable defense of Stalingrad; and, second, the offensives by the Russian armies at various points that started in the latter part of November and which still roll on with great force and effectiveness." Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the USA

"As commander in chief of the Armed Forces of the United States of America, I congratulate you on the brilliant victory at Stalingrad of the armies under your supreme command. The 162 days of epic battle for the city which has forever honored your name and the decisive result which all Americans are celebrating today will remain one of the proudest chapters in this war of the peoples united against Nazism and its emulators." Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the USA

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It's really extraordinary. Thank you for posting this.

Question: what is your icon? I can't quite parse that image for some reason.

It is a picture of a red army soldier raising the Red Flag over the Reichstag, Berlin, May 1945. The banner of victory over fascism. :)

The banner was made by Yevgeny Khaldei, war reporter, Jew.

Edited at 2013-02-03 01:46 am (UTC)

Ohh, now I can finally parse it. See, for some reason I couldn't see that it was a flag. visual perception is a problem. I should go find a higher-res version of that image :).

Search "red flag over reichstag" - this gives hundreds of pictures. :) The picture is an arranged photo.

Actually, i wanted to supplement my post above with a picture of a Nazi plane crashed and burned in Stalingrad, but, you know, morbidity is not always a good thing. So many died there.

480,000 soldiers of the Red Army died (with more than 650,000 wounded) while defeating the fascist menace:

The Romanian 3rd and 4th army were annihilated (350,000 men), the Italian 8th army (235,000 men), the Hungarian 2nd army (200,000 men), the German 6th army (330,000 men), parts of the German 4th Panzer army ceased to exist.

So, so many lives lost.

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