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What happens in the world of norwie
So, I was absent from LJ for a year, more or less. Because I'm seriously ill. But, next Tuesday the doctors are trying to fix me by opening my body with sharp instruments and cutting away certain things.

While the painkillers mostly ruled my life for the last months I had some better moments and cached up on some pop culture and binge watched:

Orphan Black

Reccd to me by my (ex-)gf. I really like that show, albeit I always fear that they've run out of ideas and start in on the soapy. Will absolutely watch the next season.

The 100

Reccd to me by shadowcat67. Strange show - I always wait for it to become more explicit in the questions (and answers) it gives. To me, it seems there is "gold just around the corner". Alas, it did not truly deliver so far.

Game of Thrones

Reccd to me by my friend Pas and ShipperX. Absolutely fantastic! Bought the books. They are even better! Class war, gender war, character development - it has it all. I'm totally consumed by Ice and Fire thoughts! I recommend to binge watch this over a single weekend. 40 hours in one go makes for an absolutely stunning experience. Yeah, they could cut down on some of the more gracious nakedness and gore. On the other hand: Eros and Thanatos. I cannot wait for the next books to come out!

In concluding I hope to be well again come August/September. Or dead, depends on the doctors... (In that case you all have to finish the revolution without me.)