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Giles and the "Wild Woman"
Giles and the „Wild Woman“

Preface 1: No fic, sorry. These are some meta-y thoughts about Giles, his role on the TV show and his relationship with different women. It is a bit incoherent, jumping from point to point and not restricted to Giles-thoughts. The Master, Wesley, Angel/us, Caleb, Snyder, … all make a short appearance. Oh, and the women, of course: Buffy, Jenny, Faith, Willow

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Here from buffyversetop5

The Master, Angelus, Caleb. The Master and Angelus cross the border between tamer and destroyer quite fluently, depending on the woman in question and their own outlook on society (The Master tames Darla and tries to destroy Buffy. Angel tames Faith and tries to do the same to Buffy earlier, as well as he tries to destroy Buffy once he becomes fully realized as „Angelus“).

Such an interesting framework to look at these relationships and actions, and I love your discussion about Spike realizes he has to fit himself into a different narrative.

Re: Here from buffyversetop5

Thanks for reading. :)

I hope to have a bit more time at my hands this year and to further develop and describe my ideas about what exactly fascinates me about other characters of BtVS, especially Spike, but also Anya, Glory and Willow. So all the girls are accounted for! (Spike's a honorary member. ;-))

Its awesome :)


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